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Why the name Focus?

We wanted a memorable, “different” name! “Nothing that sounds like the name of a used car lot”, said Chuck West, cofounder of Focus. Both Donna’s dad and her husband had degrees in Photo/Optical Engineering, and, while glancing through a catalogue, the word “Focus” in a camera description jumped out at her. Although there was a long list of possible names, Focus was the one that came out on top, because we focus on great quality for our customers!

How did you start your company?

Donna West was working as a consultant to the medical community when a physician asked her to find a new answering service for him. When no other doctor in the area would recommend the service they were using, Donna decided to fill the obvious need. The doctor she was working with was her first investor. Since 1987, Focus has been building on Donna’s first principles: Answer phones clearly and distinctly, be warm and polite, take an accurate message, and deliver it to the correct person. It was a blueprint for success.

Is this a family business?

Focus is very much a family business. Tom Reandeau, VP of Operations, and Jim Reandeau, CFO, are Donna’s sons. Lannette Gerbrick, VP of Business Development, and Barbara Ireland, Director of Operations are family through marriage; the rest of our senior staff is family from the heart. We are proud to announce that Donna’s grandson is one of our newer agents. There is a special advantage to having so many family members in our company; our caring goes deep!

Do you have more than one location?

Indeed we do. One office is located in Eldersburg, Maryland and one is located in York, Pennsylvania. Two locations give us twice the advantage when it comes to weather related service. It is rare when both locations have heavy snow or ice at the same time. York is usually cooler in the summer. Our agents are able to cover for one another in the blink of an eye.

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