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Our Training Trains the Industry

We focus on education. Focus has assembled detailed training manuals since our inception. These were changed, by president Donna West, to scripts for three sets of industry specific training videos, Agent Excellence, Supervisor Excellence, and Customer Service Excellence. The videos were filmed at Focus using Focus personnel as well as actors from the Screen Actors Guild. They are distributed by the SNUG organization, and are used by Answering Services and Call Centers throughout the world.

When special training is needed on a new account, we conduct several video meetings to allow every agent to hear and see everything they need to know to be able to serve that client knowledgeably. Nothing is more important than the education our agents receive on behalf of our clients.

The First Ever ATSI Certified Agent of the Year

Focus agent Martha Mina was judged by panel of telephone answering service owners to be the perfect example of what an agent should be. Martha has been employed at Focus for almost two decades and always achieves nearly 100% on her call evaluations. We are so proud of her.

Our Teleworking Agents

In 1999, in an interview for Answer Magazine, Donna West was asked what she saw coming in the next decade. She replied that “Telework” would become the standard for the Call Center Industry. Early in the next decade, Focus allowed agents to work from home after working with supervision for several months. Today nearly every employee is able to answer customer telephones remotely. This advantage allows Focus to add agents in just minutes if call volume exceeds expectations. It is also a benefit that helps us to attract and retain excellent employees.

Quality Assurance

Focus is the only Telephone Answering Service we know of that has an employee dedicated to Quality Control. Kelly Gillis has been in this position for nearly a decade and monitors agents on a weekly basis. Every agent has a number of calls that are monitored and evaluated on more than 20 criteria. Only those agents who maintain an average of 87.50% or above are allowed to be Focus employees. We also take part in third party industry benchmarking.

Our Philosophy

We believe in being a driving part of the industry. We have, since the beginning, shared our methods with our colleagues. Donna West believes that we must help to educate others and help them become the very best answering / telemessaging services they can be. Only by raising the quality of all services will we eventually raise the public’s awareness of the value outsourcing calls to an answering service can be to their business.

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