Story Telling in Business Answering Services

Story Telling: The NEW Communications Tool

Business Answering Services

“Tell me a fact, and I’ll learn.  Tell me a truth, and I’ll believe.  Tell me a story, and it will live in my heart forever”.  The author of those words is unknown, but the truth is undisputed.

Story telling has become one of the newest business buzzwords.  This very old concept has become the “newest” way to promote our businesses, as we are seeing in books and articles everywhere.  We are encouraged to put short video clips on our websites, and to use narratives in our advertising.  The teleservices industry has been using story telling since its conception; often explaining our services is really difficult until we give examples.  Explaining that we will call a customer’s cell with any urgent messages gets the point across; but explaining how a customer got a new account because we were so quick to contact him makes the situation more real.

At Focus Telecommunications we use anecdotes to teach our agents about the intricacies of a customer’s special needs.  In each account profile bullet points highlight facts for the people who answer your phones. But, when we are training, we try to chronicle the story behind the facts.  When our agents know that you began your business from your garage, or that several of your family members work with you, everything becomes more real, and people just naturally want to help you succeed.

Using a narrative makes a situation come alive.  We encourage our clients to share their stories with us.  We can even shoot video of you sharing your special circumstances for use in our educational materials.  Making sure we know your story is paramount to making sure we represent you well.  When we answer your phones, we ARE part of your story.

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