A Telephone Answering Service Prevents Businesses from Losing Customers

A Telephone Answering Service Prevents Businesses from Losing Customers

Business Telephone Answering ServiceA telephone answering service solves many problems that often occur in businesses. A business needs to operate efficiently in order to achieve success, but when a business owner’s primary concern is to make sure telephones are answered by employees, there is less time to complete other, more pressing tasks in a timely manner. Although there are many businesses that hire receptionists to answer multiple-line telephones, the fact is that receptionists are not always able to keep up with all of the incoming calls in a timely manner. Sometimes the telephone lines light up at the same time and receptionists must put all of the customers on hold, which is not good for business. A small business answering service can help. When a client calls a business with a complaint, the client wants the matter to be taken care of promptly. If the customer is put on hold for longer than 10 minutes, the customer is likely to start looking for another alternative business. Keeping customers on hold too often and for long periods of time is a sure way to lose valued customers. When a telephone answering service handles calls, businesses are more likely to keep their valued customers.

A Telephone Answering Service Offers Businesses More Time

Time is an essential ingredient in building a successful business, and a telephone answering service is often helpful in this respect. When business phones are answered by professionals, the business appears to have a more professional quality. Companies that take the time to provide their customers with meticulous services are successful companies. There is almost nothing more irritating than hearing a taped while on hold that declares the company’s passionate wishes to serve their customers. This practice only serves to provide customers with the sense that these companies are managed by hypocritical business owners who, in fact, do not display any real concern for their customers. The use of voice mail is another practice that is offensive to potential clients. When a client wants to talk to a company representative, the client does not want to be put through to the representative’s voice mail. This is a loud and clear message to the customer that the employee is not at all concerned about helping the customer. Voice mails are often unanswered for several days. In the meantime, these potential customers are no longer interested in these companies, and take their business elsewhere. When a competing business offers their customers better customer care, the customers are likely to return to these businesses for their services. A telephone answering service can help business owners to keep existing clients.

Emergency Situations

A Small business answering service provides answers for businesses that need to deal with emergencies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A physician is not always capable of answering calls in the middle of the night. A small business answering service is often the solution to this type of medical situation. A professional telephone answering service operator that handles the physician’s calls is able to offer the patient helpful information.
When someone is locked out of a vehicle, a locksmith needs to be called, but the locksmith might be out on other calls. A telephone answering service operator lets the caller know that the locksmith is on another emergency call and the approximate time in which the locksmith will be able to help the person open the car door. The less than perfect alternative is to provide the customer with the option to leave a message on an answering machine, and this is not at all reassuring to the caller.  Chances are that the caller is sure to call another locksmith, and the first locksmith loses this person as a future customer. A small business answer service is an easy solution to this situation.

Easy Solutions When Offices are Closed for Lunch

Many medical offices, including dental offices, are closed for up to two hours when the time for lunch breaks arrive. Patients who reach answering machines are inconvenienced by having to leave messages. Furthermore, the patient might not receive a return call, which only adds to the feeling of frustration. A telephone answering service provides these patients with some peace of mind because, at the very least, a real person answers the phone instead of a machine. There is nothing like a personal touch when it comes to quality medical care, and a small business answering service help to put patients at ease.

Telephones are Better When Real Persons Answer Them

Modern technological advances in communications are, in some ways, less efficient than old-fashioned methods that relied upon telephone answering services. Many persons, even those who frequently use the Internet, emails and social networking web sites, still appreciate receiving assistance from real persons when they call telephone numbers. Business owners and CEOs who hire the services of a telephone answering service, even those using , in order to make sure that real people representing their companies answer their telephones are likely to receive referrals from satisfied customers.

Life is filled with difficulties of one kind or another, but answering the telephone is a simple matter that is easily solved by a small business telephone answering service.

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