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204 – 809 – 876

N o, these are NOT Lucky Numbers; they are just the opposite! These are three
Caribbean telephone area codes that are used for scams. The charges vary from
$1.49 to $3.99 (or more) more per minute. They are similar to American 900
numbers, which are numbers with very high rates that are split between the telephone company and the businesses that operate the lines. The way it works is this: you will receive a phone call or find a message on your home voice mail telling you that you have a package for delivery, or that you have won a prize, and you will be asked to call a specific number to get more information. When you dial these numbers you will be put on hold, sent from one person to another, and asked a lot of questions, all of which are designed to keep you on the phone for as long as possible.

The goal is to run up the bill, and at two to five dollars a minute, running up the bill is easy to do. When you open up your phone bill you will be shocked to see the huge charges that have been incurred. The problem is, when you return a call to one of these numbers, you do so voluntarily and the telephone company is under no obligation to retract the fraudulent billing. Times are tight, and labor is costly; even the telephone company needs to keep costs down. If you get caught by one of these scams, and you are not able to get the charges reversed, call the FCC Consumer Center at 1-888-225-5322. There is STILL no guarantee that the charges will be dropped, but at least the FCC will be aware of the incident, and hopefully in the future there will be regulations prohibiting this practice.

The moral of this story is – never call back unknown long distance numbers. If you simply must – check the area code first, and never call 204 – 809 – 876 area codes.

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Working Smarter and Harder?

Let Us Help!

It isn’t just you – we are all striving to work smarter and harder. We are making do with what we have, and doing things that we used to delegate ourselves. Sometimes it’s downright scary to look ahead and see the number of tasks and project that await you.

Your business answering service is the cheapest labor you have! You pay us by the minute, not the hour, and that is to your advantage.

Why not dedicate one day or morning a week for your uninterrupted time. This is when you turn your phones over to us (yes, right in the middle of the day) and you do your payroll or make appointments or simply get organized for the week ahead. It is so much easier to complete tasks if you are not taking calls in the middle of your work. We can take care of the little things, and call you with things that are big or important. We know there are some interruptions, like new business, that are “worth the wait” in gold!

Spend time with us, explaining the kinds of calls that you want and those that can be called back later, and then relax. Our “secretaries” will take care of your company calls with our business answering service while you take care of your business!



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