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What Makes Focus Answering Service Best?

Experience Answering service located right here in the USA, since 1987.
Quality Focus answering service earned the Award of Distinction with the highest score in North America 2007 and the second highest score in 2009.
Multiple award winner – see our Answering Service Awards page.
99% of our clients surveyed rated our answering service staff good to excellent.
Longevity 76% of our answering service staff has been with us for over 3 yrs.
60% of our answering service staff has been with us for over 5 yrs.
40% of our answering service staff has been with us for over 10 yrs.
Meet our Answering Service staff.
Reputation 75% of our new clients come from answering service client referrals.
Other answering service companies refer clients to us.
Learn why clients are choosing our answering service.
Education Our answering service training trains the industry! We wrote and produced the Agent, Supervisor and Customer Service training videos now used as the answering service industry standard.
Leadership Our President, Donna West has been honored with
The ATSI LBA Sharing Award
The ATSI President’s Award
And other individual answering service awards – see our Awards page.
Choices If you are communicating by telephone or through the Internet we can help with all your answering service needs!
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